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A Taste Of Tiki

A Taste Of Tiki is also Available on iTunes - CLICK HERE

Debut Release! 4 song EP-CD

Four song EP-CD 2009 debut release by Eric "Baron" Behrenfeld from his Beach-Blues music project Tiki Cowboys. This ukulele and percussion recording features original "island-country" music written and performed by Baron. Enjoy this 14+ minute extended play compact disk which will leave you wanting more!

Produced by: Eric Behrenfeld


Track List on TASTE OF TIKI * TOTAL TIME: 14'11"

1. Tiki Lady [5:05]

2. My Little Song [3:16]

3. Slap, Clap and Tickle [1:53]

4. Feel So Good [3:54

Songs About Autism -Vol. 1.2

CD single

He Has Autism

2 song "45 style" CD single debut by Eric "Baron" Behrenfeld for his Autism Advocacy music project Songs About Autism. This 2011 self produced recording features original music written and performed by Baron on vocals, ukulele and keyboard synthesizer. 2 versions of song includes a solo acoustic track.

Track List on SONGS ABOUT AUTISM - Vol. 1.2 * TOTAL TIME: 10'11

1. He Has Autism [5:06]

2. He Has Autism (Solo acoustic) [5:05]


Tommy McCracken


Live Blues with a Gospel twist!

This 2005 release is a rare live recording of Tommy McCracken with the Force of Habit Band in 2000. This small club recording features 9 songs with Tommy at his finest, performing his legendary vocal style which crosses musical genres of Blues, R&B, and Gospel. A must disk for Chicago Blues fans who want to re-live the Tommy McCracken live experience! Features Baron on drum kit, Pete "Lobo" Nemick on bass, Ralph Martino on keys, and band leader MC Bob Johnson on guitar and back-up vocals. Produced by Eric Behrenfeld.



Track List on FINALLY... * TOTAL TIME: 64'27"


Sammy Fender & the Blues Masters


Song sample at myspace.com/ericbehrenfeld

Live in Chicago!

Recorded live at Eddie Clearwater's club in Chicago when the Blues Masters hosted the Sunday night jam. This 2002 recording is from their opening set of the night that kicked things off at the jam. Includes original Sammy Fender songs and blues covers as only he performs with the Blues Masters! 11 songs total on this now classic urban Blues album. Features Blues Masters band members backing Sammy with Baron on drum kit, Sugar Baby on bass, and Doña Oxford on keyboard. 'Bad Bad' Leroy Brown also featured as MC.

Produced by: Eric Behrenfeld


Track List on BLUES JAM * TOTAL TIME: 60'49"


Windy City Islanders



A 'Great Lakes' spin on tropical tunes and ukulele music is crafted by The Windy City Islanders on their debut release, Hang Loose. Songs including popular Hawaiian standards and original compositions from the 'Islander' founding songwriting team of George Klingelhofer and Chris Carlson.

'Hang Loose' CD is available at: Amazon.com

Track List on HANG LOOSE * TOTAL TIME: 44'24"


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